Do you belive in the afterlife?


I`m a huge fan of “Found footage” horror movies. Especially  the ones where the action takes place in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. I don`t belive any of them, they are all fake and full of special effects. But i like the concept. Yesterday i saw 3 “Found Footage” movies. Grave Encounters 1, Grave Encounters 2 and Chernobyl Diaries. The first two movies are in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the last is in Pripyat. I liked Chernobyl Diaries best, but the other two were also pretty good movies. All three are recommended. I`m going to Pripyat this fall, to take pictures. I`m not going to se the movie the day before i go.

Ps: One of the main actors in Chernobyl Diaries is Norwegian. She also speaks Norwegian in a scene in the movie.