Do you belive in Aliens?


There is some talk about intelligent life in the universe in Norwegian newspapers these days. A video showing a real alien has been published in a Norwegian newspaper and discussions are red hot. But it is a tabloid who published it, so most people take the news with a pinch of salt. Is a pinch of salt a distinctive Norwegian saying? It means that one should not necessarily believe the news in Norway. But, back to what I wanted to talk about.

Aliens, do you think they exist? I think there is intelligent life in several places in the universe. It would be a bit strange if Earth was the only inhabited planet out there. Or what? But I do not believe all the stories about abductions where aliens sticking things up in our butt and leaves us at some deserted place with amnesia. I do not think the picture proof either. My livelihood is image manipulation, I know how easy it is for an expert to create such an image. I’ve done it myself on several occasions.

What do you think?