We must never forget


I saw Alec Baldwin’s interpretation of the Nuremberg trial today. It made ​​me think of an experience from college.

When I studied psychology, we were asked if it was time to forgive what happened during World War II. It was 60 years since the war, the trials were over, many had their sentences and the few survivors were old and would soon follow their former colleagues in death. The question provoked a lot of anger in the class, many in the class were descendants of people who lost their lives during the war. My great grandfather and his brother were killed by the Germans. My great grandmother had two years with my great grandfather as spouses. She lived the rest of her life alone, mourning the loss of my great grandfather. She died in 2010, 98 years old. In Norway, Second World War is still a pretty sore subject.

We must never forget what happened, we must never forgive those responsible for all the atrocities. But we must not judge today’s Germany, we must not judge the descendants of those responsible for the atrocities. We must learn from what happened, so something like this never happens again.


Do you belive in Aliens?


There is some talk about intelligent life in the universe in Norwegian newspapers these days. A video showing a real alien has been published in a Norwegian newspaper and discussions are red hot. But it is a tabloid who published it, so most people take the news with a pinch of salt. Is a pinch of salt a distinctive Norwegian saying? It means that one should not necessarily believe the news in Norway. But, back to what I wanted to talk about.

Aliens, do you think they exist? I think there is intelligent life in several places in the universe. It would be a bit strange if Earth was the only inhabited planet out there. Or what? But I do not believe all the stories about abductions where aliens sticking things up in our butt and leaves us at some deserted place with amnesia. I do not think the picture proof either. My livelihood is image manipulation, I know how easy it is for an expert to create such an image. I’ve done it myself on several occasions.

What do you think?

My favorite time of the year


I think every season has its charm. But it would be winter if I had to choose one season over another. My friends think it’s weird that I like winter best. But why would I not like winter, it is the longest season in Norway. Here we have freezing temperatures and snow in over 9 months each winter. I am ill-equipped to handle a summer, I get heat exhaustion several times during the summer and feel bad all season. And heat stroke in a Norwegian summer is unusual, tempraturerene here rarely rises above over 30*c.  I’m never go to warmer climes in winter, it’s too warm for me. But I think I would have liked me in Alaska or other places where it’s really cold winters.

I`m strange, i know.